It’s a requirement that each year all families must complete a new Enrolment Form along with all the required attached documentation.

Families can submit their enrolment form online. The link for Parent/Carers to complete the online enrolment form is below. Please copy this link into your internet browser:

LINK ONLINE FORM – https://www.bascenrolment.com

PAPER FORM – please click on the right side to access  2019 paper Enrolment From  ***(please do not print paper enrolment form double sided)

If you choose to complete the enrolment form online please check your nominated email with updates on your Enrolment Form. If you choose to complete the paper Enrolment Form Parent/Carers will be required to hand deliver their enrolment form to the Holy Family BASC Centre. When dropping off your Enrolment Form please allow 5 minutes while staff complete a checklist before accepting your form, to ensure all information is completed.

If your child/ren only attends Vacation Care, families must complete an Enrolment Form, including the attachments required. This needs to occur prior to your child/ren attending Vacation Care in 2019. A Vacation Care Registration Form will also need to be completed. This form is located in our “members section”. To obtain password you must be enrolled into 2018 /2019.

NOTE- Enrolment Forms will not be accepted if they are not completed. This means all additional information must be provided e.g. copy of immunisation (only new families), copy of child’s photo (all families), medication, medication form and deed of indemnity, action plan or letter from your Doctor, letters from employers (all families except Vacation Care families) and a new Direct Debit Form*

Please click on the link below to access the Letter from Employer template. Note this template is optional and if you decide to use this template you must insert your company letterhead, dated and signed by your employer.




*Medication Form & Deed of Indemnity Form is required if your child/ren has any allergies, anaphylaxis or asthma that requires medication to be administered or stored at the Centre. The Medication Form & Deed of Indemnity Form must be attached to your enrolment form. If you are using the online form, please attach the Medication Form & Deed of Indemnity Form when you attach your child/ren action plan/ doctors certificate. If you are hand delivering the Enrolment Form, please print this Medication Form & Deed of Indemnity Form and attach to your Enrolment Form. Please click on the below link to access the Medication Form & Deed of Indemnity Form.




Please read our Enrolment Form for 2019 and Family Handbook thoroughly as important information has been added. If you require further information about the enrolment process for 2019 please do not hesitate to contact the Centre 9541 4367.